Andy R.'s sub-comic series.


  1. Birth of an angel
  2. Resident Wilson
  3. Death of a Terri
  4. Robots and Dolls
  5. Nephilim outta control
  6. Iris the Dreamer
  7. Mission Possible
  8. Shiver
  9. The Doom of Missy Jean
  10. The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
  11. Iris and her Pupil
  12. Oh Xember!
  13. Mutations Part 1
  14. Mutations Part 2
  15. Mutations Part 3
  16. Mutations Part 4
  17. Son of Armageddon Part 1
  18. Son of Armageddon Part 2
  19. Doctor Stratos Returns!
  20. The problem with paper
  21. Dating is Difficult
  22. The Breakup
  23. Return of Terri
  24. The Triangle
  25. A Trip to the Fifth
  26. Join the team Aeria!
  27. True King of the Dimension
  28. The Battle of Gaoa
  29. Returning Home
  30. Chaos!


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