Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Iciclus Galaxy
Inhabitants Iciclus

Iciclus is the home planet of Snowcane , Zane , Artico and the Iciclus.


Iciclus was nothing but a small, uninhabitable planet. Discovered in 1992 by Solorian Star-gazer, comments, nought but a heap of Ice! It wasn't until 2002 that life was discovered.

"Little ice people, probably only 2-3 feet tall." said Dr. Grant,"and highly unitelligent."

In 2005 a few Iciclus citizens came to Soloris. They were:





And they came displaying a wide array of ice and snow based abilities. Artico sought fame and fortune and turned to crime to get what he wanted. Snowcane came to capture Sai for experimentation and Zane came to search for a better home.                                                                                                               

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