Josh M.'s comic series.


Veloster vol 1: #1 The orange streak pt1, The orange streak pt2, #2 The power of sound, #3 Origins of the orange streak, #4 Parent-less

Veloster vol 2: #1 A cold heart pt1, A cold heart pt2, #2 No echo, #3 Beaten and Betrayed pt1, Beaten and betrayed pt2

Double cape empire vol 1: #1 The balance of dark and light, #2 To control darkness, #3 Light work

Armored Arsenal vol 1: # Path to become rich, #2 Mine to gain #3 Shaping the unshapable, # Armored angel

The shadow of a predator vol 1: #1 Earn your wings, #2 Friends of stealth, #3 Shurikens or boomerangs


The legends of O.P. : 2015- We thought we were powerful

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