Madam Toil's House
Toil House
Vital statistics
Type Home
Location Soloris Forest
Inhabitants None

Madam Toil's Cabin was the home of Madam Toil, Limber and Missy Jean . It was later destroyed by Limber after the divorce.


The house itself was built over a graveyard of Nephilim and was the perfect place for Toil's chantings and incantations. Often the spirits came out of the graves and Toil would go to attack Soloris City. After Sai defeated her for the first time, she retreated to her home and called upon her greatest spirit, the Dimensioneer Bloo. She hopped atop the demon and sought out Sai, finally defeating him. As she rode home, the monster reared back and destoyed the cabin. She had it rebuilt using her dark magic but Missy Jean was nearly killed. Toil never forgave herself and slowly stopped using dark magic, yet the spirits still haunted her.

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