Miss Eden
Miss Eden
Vital statistics
Powers N/A
Alias Doc Eden


Daughter of Earth


Age 29
Species Solorian/Human
Affiliation Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 4' 10"
Weight 132 pounds
Occupation Doctor


Base of Operations Soloris (city), Soloris (planet)

Miss Eden Fisher is a crazy ecoterrorist who was the cause of the Mutant Apocalypse of Issues 13-16. She has the Hashpol Disease She has 5 children and adopted a sixth just recently. She was never imprisoned but pleaded insane. She got off a life sentence and is currently plotting revenge. 

Mutant SagaEdit

She first experimented on Arthur and eventually she came up with the idea to repopulate Soloris with animals, as it used to be. So she distributed the gases through airvents and sewer systems throughout the city. She was eventually caught and arrested after the city was cleaned up, but she escaped and mutated herself into an Unknown Creature.

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