The Noir Clan
Base of Operations Soloris Peaks
Leader(s) Sakura Jairkai
Members Jaora Loan

Constance Pear Euler Vol Wuchii Loan Yokai Starr

Enemies HALO
Type League

The Noir Clan is a secret order of monks led by Sakura. They train their members in the Solorian Peaks and in the Monastery of The Moon.


So far, very little has been revealed about this secretive and mysterious group. Its members are highly skilled in combat and assassination techniques. They wear a distinctive black costume, with a  white mask with black markings covering it, to conceal their identities.

Known membersEdit

  • Sakura Jairkai (leader)
  • Jaora Loan
  • Constance Pear
  • Euler Vol
  • Wuchii Loan

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