The Crimson Guild
Base of Operations Soloris Woods
Leader(s) Dr. Artyru Stratos
Members Adrian Stratos

Victor STARR Adrianne Stratos Harry Getere James Hunter

Enemies HALO
Type League

The Crimson Guild is a secret organization of assassins led by Dr.Stratos. They train their members in the Solorian Woods and in the Monastery of Enlightenment. They were founded and led initially by the Hunter Ancestors.


So far, very little has been revealed about this secretive and mysterious group. Its members are highly skilled in combat and assassination techniques. They wear a distinctive deep crimson costume, with a hood to conceal their identities. The Crimson Guild appears to believe very deeply in a code of honor. They do not take kindly to those who break its laws, hunting down any member who conducts such an act. Although the league's codes currently remain unknown. 

Known membersEdit

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